Adani Rugby Run solar farm switched on

Posted: 26th Jun

Adani Renewables Australia’s Rugby Run solar farm has now been switched on and its 247,000 solar panels have started supplying renewable power to regional Queensland homes and businesses.

The Rugby Run solar farm, located near Moranbah, will ramp up to full operation to deliver 65MW and 185,000MWh of electricity each year, equivalent to approximately the amount of energy it takes to power 23,000 homes each year.

Reaching this important milestone for the Rugby Run solar farm builds on Adani’s track record for delivering projects and new businesses where ever we operate in the world.

When there is stability in the regulatory regime and approval processes, Adani Group’s businesses are able to deliver projects efficiently and to the highest standards by drawing on our nimble entrepreneurial culture.

The Rugby Run project was self-financed by Adani and we managed construction contractors directly to ensure cost-efficient and timely delivery, rather than via the more common EPC contract model.

Adani Renewables Australia Business Manager Derek Chapman said Rugby Run is Adani Renewables Australia’s flagship project in Australia, delivering benefits to regional Queenslanders.

“The construction of the farm enabled us to employ more than 175 people during peak construction periods,” Mr Chapman said.

“There are several construction stages within the solar farm delivery process that use skills which are transferrable from other industries, like the mining sector.

“For this reason we were able to use local Queensland contractors from Clermont, Chinchilla, Bowen and Townsville, ensuring the benefits of this investment are focused in regional Queensland.”

The solar farm has been built for Queensland’s conditions. The panels are programmed to rotate to track the sun most efficiently and also to move to the most effective angles to withstand inclement wind and weather.

“We are able to leverage Adani’s expertise as India’s leading generator of solar power and manufacturer of solar panels when delivering our renewables projects in Australia,” Mr Chapman said.

Technical Details:

- 1.3 million galvanized zip ties to be used in the stringing of electrical cables

- More than 247,000 solar panels installed

- 175 jobs at peak construction

- 18km of fence line installed

- 7.2km of road built to access site

- 6,500 holes pre-drilled

- The solar panels rotate to track the sun and maximize efficiency

- The solar panels are programmed to rest at an angle that withstands inclement wind and weather conditions.

- 65MW solar farm.

Editors notes:

Adani is the largest private electricity generator, and the largest integrated manufacturer of solar panels in India. Its operations generate significant thermal (coal-fired) and renewable energy.

Adani Group’s Adani Green Energy in India plays a significant role in delivering renewable energy sources globally, with an ambitious target of 10,000MW of solar power by 2022. 

Adani Green already has 1970 MW of renewables in operation and a further 2340 MW under construction including one of the largest solar farms in the world at Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu, with more under construction.

In comparison Queensland has installed renewables generation capacity of just over 2,000MW.